How to Use Multiple Google Accounts in Same Browser ?

Most of the internet users maintain multiple Google accounts which serves various purposes to them person mail, business or something else. Google conventionally does not allow using more than one Google account at the same time in the browser. So you need to do log-in and log-off again and again.
Now there is an official way to link different Google accounts; So that you can use various Google services like Gmail, Google Reader, Google Voice and others with just a click of the mouse within the same browser.

How to Enable New Gmail Chat Message and Email Desktop Notification

Most of Gmail users do use for chatting and keep checking their browser every 2-3 minutes (yes! That includes me too). I think Google has addressed this problem by adding the desktop notification feature in Gmail for new chat messages and emails.

How to turn on desktop notification in Gmail?
To turn the feature on, click on Settings in the upper right corner of Gmail, scroll down and choose whether you want to be notified of chat messages, e-mails, or only important e-mails.

How to Transfer Whole Data Folder From Laptop/PC to Mobile Phone Via Bluetooth

Sometimes I just want to transfer my whole music album to my mobile via Bluetooth (obviously I don't have a data cable to connect it with a laptop) and it was very annoying to transfer each and every song file one by one (so many clicks).I was facing this problem for a long time and I found out its solution recently.So here is a step by step guide to share your data folder(songs or any folder) from your laptop or PC via Bluetooth easily.
Step 1 : You have to install Medival Bluetooth Obex file transfer software on your PC or laptop but before you can use the above application there should be Microsoft .net framework 2.00 installed.
Step 2 : After installation and starting the application it will ask you bye a license with a 10 second count down timer.This is your decision whether you want to buy a software or not but I would suggest that you use it first then go for license if it fulfills your need.

foxGuide – Firefox Extension To Display Guides on web pages similar to Photoshop

If you are a web designer/developer,who loves to explore even smallest element of a website and always works for a perfect webpage layout & structure then you are going to love foxGuide, a Firefox extension that can display both horizontal and vertical guides on web pages. Guides will appear as thin lines that float over the webpage.

WebP : A New Image Format by Google To Replace JPEG

In its journey to make web more faster google has recently launched a new image format called WebP.Google posted about it on its Chromium blog.

Well WebP is going to complete with JPEG,the most widely used of the web’s image formats. Like JPEG, the new format is intended to be used for photos on web pages, and like JPEG, the photos in a WebP image are compressed using lossy technology. The images will continue to reduce in quality the more you compress them.WebP is being released as a developer preview, so its not supported by any major web browsers, camera manufacturers, or the software we use to make JPEGs, like Photoshop.