How to Transfer Whole Data Folder From Laptop/PC to Mobile Phone Via Bluetooth

Sometimes I just want to transfer my whole music album to my mobile via Bluetooth (obviously I don't have a data cable to connect it with a laptop) and it was very annoying to transfer each and every song file one by one (so many clicks).I was facing this problem for a long time and I found out its solution recently.So here is a step by step guide to share your data folder(songs or any folder) from your laptop or PC via Bluetooth easily.
Step 1 : You have to install Medival Bluetooth Obex file transfer software on your PC or laptop but before you can use the above application there should be Microsoft .net framework 2.00 installed.
Step 2 : After installation and starting the application it will ask you bye a license with a 10 second count down timer.This is your decision whether you want to buy a software or not but I would suggest that you use it first then go for license if it fulfills your need.
Medival Bluetooth Obex File Transfer Step 1
Step 3 : Click on connect button at the top left corner and it will locate your mobile/Bluetooth device.(your mobile’s Bluetooth must be switched ON).Try refreshing if it is not locating your device.
Medival Bluetooth Obex File Transfer Step 2
Step 4 : Select your Bluetooth device and click on Accept Selected Device  and now your mobile phone is connected via Bluetooth to your laptop/PC.
Medival Bluetooth Obex File Transfer Step 3
Step 5 : Now you are connected to your device and it will display root folder content of your device(mobile phone in my case).
Medival Bluetooth Obex File Transfer Step 4
Now the most important part transfer folder along with the files, click and hold the mouse button to any of the folder from the desktop and drag it the folder you have recently created and release the mouse button. This will start the copying process. (The only drawback it has it does not support the copy and past feature but dragging is also not a very tough task so from now on if you don’t have the data cable of your mobile don’t worry you can also transfer files or folders using the Bluetooth device).
Medival Bluetooth Obex File Transfer Step 5
That’s all. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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