A Periodic Table to Learn HTML5 Elements

Update - The Periodic Table of HTML Elements is no longer available. For a reference to HTML5 elements, please consult the MDN Documentation

If you are a passionate web developer and loves learning and experimenting new thing ; then no need to motion that you have already started hitting Google searches for learning html5 and become master of it.
Well I have some very good news to the web developer (and especially for those who loves chemistry as well). Josh Duck has created an interactive Periodic Table representation of the 104 elements currently in the HTML5 working draft. Even if you have some very good books and web links for learning html5.But Josh Duck’s periodic table is unique in its own way of learning html5 and nice reference material for every web developer.
As I have told you it is an interactive periodic table so when you clicks on a tag it shows you more information about that tag.

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