How to Test Your Web Browser Computability with HTML 5 Standard : HTML5TEST.COM

Needless to say like most of internet users you must be aware of HTML5 Era and how it is going to transform the web might. We only think about HTML5 video standards and rumors that it is going to replace flash from web completely. But HTML5 promises more than just a new video web standard, it introduces several new elements and attributes while getting rid of obsolete ones.

There are only few websites you have already made use of HTML5 yet. Some video portals like YouTube began to add HTML5 video as an alternative to the common Flash video players and some webmasters have begun to experiment with HTML5 on their websites but these changes are limited till experiment only.

Most Internet users might not even see a difference yet except for the fact that they will experience error messages if their web browser is not supporting the HTML5 elements of the website. Then what would you do?

How would you check if you web browser is able to support or compatible with HTML 5?

HTML5TEST.COM is website which is dedicated to test web browser compatibility with HTML5 standard. It checks HTML5 capabilities of every web browser and give a detailed analyzed report, including your browser score out of 160 points.

Execute following steps to check you browser right now:

  1. Open your web browser (which ever you have).
  2. Done. Your browsers analyzed report for HTML5 will be displayed on screen.

How much your browser scored ? Do reply in comments. 

Here are scores of some popular web browsers :-

Firefox 3.6.4


Opera 10.60


Safari 4.0.4

Google Chrome 6.0


Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 2


Check out Web browser testing at

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