Google Announces Chrome Operating System Launch Date; Get Ready to Replace Your Windows OS

Google announced Chrome Operating System Launch Date ; Get Ready to Replace Your Windows OS

Google is keep on amazing its fans since Google I/O Web developer Conference this year by announcing chain of new tech products and “Yes” it is very much necessary and important for tech hungry guys like me (and including you, it proves as you are reading this!).

Google vice president of product management Sundar Pichai announced that the Google's Chrome operating system will be released by this fall. Chrome OS is built on top of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, but uses a completely custom user interface based on Google's Chrome Web browser. The Chrome Web Store will open at the same time so people can download Web applications that can be installed on the Chrome OS, he added.

"We will be selective on how we come to market because we want to deliver a great user experience," he said. "We're thinking on both the hardware and software levels."

The announcement was made at the Computex conference in Taipei where hardware makers are unveiling a multitude of new tablet and netbook products. Pichai reportedly said that Google is working on bringing the first Chrome OS device to market.

It has already been in news that the search engine giant is moving its own employees away from Microsoft's Windows operating system, insisting that new starters choose either Linux or Mac OSX. The eventual aim is, however, for all of the company's 20,000 plus workers to move to the company's own cloud-based systems.

Google’s research and development labs are giving unique and efficient product from starting of the company, which later on replaced the ‘search’ word by ‘googleing’.It looks like Google is going to be the strongest competitor for Microsoft after the release of Chrome OS. So far its Google Docs offerings aren’t catching up to Microsoft Office, but Google hopes its Chrome OS will have better luck. Google is claiming that the OS will be compatible with applications already on the market. This may be the key to getting manufacturers to use Chrome on their devices. Developers and users won’t need to get new software, the apps they already use on Windows will work on Chrome according to Google.

Definitely it will be a giant step towards cloud computing and it will change the way use operating system on our machines now; but it will take a vey long constant effort and time to replace Microsoft’s Windows from users hand and migrate them to Browser based operating system.

What is your opinion? Does Google Chrome OS will wipe out Microsoft’s Windows OS name form computer industry?

Source: Thinq

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