Bing to Crawl Twitter and Facebook Updates in Search Results

Social media content is flooding web these days and search engine are also taking it as valuable chance to increase there web presence. Bing is already indexing tweets for since last October. Now Bing is going one more step further and announced, the first search experience integrating the full Facebook firehose with non-pages content. So now if you want to search any social media content on twitter and Facebook then you can go to

Google is already crawling social media content and showing in its search results. You use this feature by selecting updates in sidebar displayed on search result page on Google.

Bing posted on its website that “we also search through Facebook fan page updates and surface matching results. For example, a search for “NBA Finals” will return fan-page content from Facebook, including posts from a local TV station.


Bing has taken facebook user’s privacy under consideration as per there post “we only surface popular shared links from Facebook users in the aggregate form, and only from users who have set their status updates to be shared with “everyone.” No names or photos, or even the text in the update associated with the link are published – just the link in aggregate. For example, searching for “World Cup” will show what links Facebook users are sharing on the topic – with a caption that is extracted from the original article shown below the link. When we don’t have an interesting caption to show, we sometimes display how many users have shared that link. ”


Bing is also re-designed homepage that shows improved trending topics derived from both Twitter and Facebook data. Below is an example for MTV Movie Awards.


Does Bing Social is Bing’s answer for Google’s Updates Feature? As you have already seen Google attempt to add background images in its blank background to achieve Bing alike feature. ? It looks that more things are lined up in this search engines competition. What is in your mind?

Via: Bing Community

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