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google packman sound bug

If you have visited the Google today you might have noticed the Pacman logo instead of the usual logo that appears on the Google site. This logo has been placed there to celebrate the 30th birthday of Pacman, a video game created in 1980.

This Google Doodle is an interactive one. Google has placed an Insert Coin button on the same page. If a user presses that button the game starts.

Pacman can be controlled with the cursor keys as usual. The player has to avoid the ghosts and eat all of the yellow dots.

Some users have experienced an annoying Pacman sound bug which some users get on every page in their web browser.

The bug can be caused by many different things. It is clear that it is related to the Google Pacman logo.

Several Firefox users have experienced the sound bug because of add-ons they have installed. Add-ons that are known to cause problems are Cool Previews or Cooliris.

Most users who are experiencing the sound bug are likely to be running a similar plugin that is getting page previews from Google.

Have you experienced the Pacman sound bug on the Google homepage? Let us know how you solved it.

source : Google ,ghacks

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