iTunes added Tomatometer for Movie Reviews

196854-rotten_tomatoes_itunes_original iTunes users will now be able to gauge quality using the recognizable Tomatometer. The update, which was quietly added this week, joins the customer ratings already on offer, and marks the first time that Apple has introduced external review information into the iTunes store.

In order to see the newly included reviews, just open the iTunes Store and navigate to a movie listing page. When viewing the listing for a movie, the page now displays the Tomatometer in addition to a few select review excerpts from the Rotten Tomatoes site.

You can also click through to more Rotten Tomatoes reviews, or continue to read the customer reviews and ratings that have always been on offer.

Rotten Tomatoes was formed in 1998 and quickly gained a following as the place to go for a round-up of esteemed movie conclusions. Following the site’s rise in popularity, Rotten Tomatoes was snapped-up by IGN in 2004, and it’s been acquired by Flixster early this year. Rotten Tomatoes’ main draw for many is the aforementioned Tomatometer feature. The noteworthy Tomatometer provides a movie with an aggregated score; a score which is calculated from all available 'trusted' reviews. Depending on whether a review is favorable or not a 'fresh' or 'rotten' label is awarded. It's these labels which provide users with a quick way to determine a movies quality, a convenience which is now yours in the iTunes Store.

Is adding of Rotten Tomatoes’s Tomatometer is a really helpful for users ? What do you think ?

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