Google announced Android Version 2.2 Froyo

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Google has announced next release of its famous open source mobile operating system which is Android 2.2.Its official announcement was done on 2nd day Google I/O 2010 developer conference.Google has given this release a code name Froyo (following Google's adorable alphabetized dessert naming convention) which is a abbreviation of “Frozen Yogurt”.

Froyo : Code name of new version of Android 2.2

Key features of Froyo demoed in Google I/O 2010 are :-

  • Addition Just-In-Time Compiler which boosts the system speed by 2-5x
  • Better Exchange integration and device administration APIs.
  • New device backup app that'll let you transfer personal data to a new device
  • New cloud-to-device messaging API that Google called "much more than a push notification service designed to make up for a lack of basic features like multitasking"
  • WiFi tethering -- which was used to get a WiFi iPad online during the demo to great cheers.
  • New JavaScript engine in the Android browser, which is billed as "the world's fastest web browser"
  • Chrome browser plug-in that allows you to send directions from Maps on your desktop directly to your phone.

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