Facebook Topped List of 1000 Most Visited Site

facebook topped

Yes,Its true your favourite is the most visited site over the internet as per the Google’s Ad Planner latest statistics given by Google.Facebook gets 540 million unique visitors(users) account with almost 1055 page views each month.Other social networking sites are far behind the position of facebook.com :-



twitter.com 18
MySpace.com 26
Orkut.com 45
linkedin.com 56
hi5.com 63

Google powered orkut was on top in Asia in earlier day, but now as you can see from statistics it is almost out of the race now.In the neat future famous micro blogging site twitter can only give a completion to facebook.I don't think so that “Quit facebook day” did any major harm to facebook,What is your opinion ?

Source : http://www.google.com/adplanner/static/top1000/


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