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As this is my first post, let me introduce myself  and talk a little on the plans I have for this blog.Starting with my name Yogendra Sharma. So now that you know my name, lets go back in time a little to 2005.This was the time when I first came across the idea of making my blog. It was fascinating to me that you could learn so much and so quickly through the internet and since then I’ve been captivated by the opportunities and advantages it had.

I loved the idea of being able to create something, to innovate and to build a website that could connect me to other people with the same interests as me, being able to teach others and to express myself.

The area I am choosing to talk about are :-

  • Blogging
  • Blog programming and designing
  • Writing content for a blog and website
  • Search engine optimization tips
  • Computer programming (Java , C)
  • Website designing and programming
  • Electronics project building

These topics will expand and evolve over time. You can expect me to consistently update the blog and to post here. I will also be sharing and talking about various computer and internet tips tested and implemented by me.

If anyone would like to keep updated on this blog please subscribe to my RSS feed at the top of the page or subscribe by email. Also you can join me on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stuble Upon and my other social profiles but please before you add me, send me an email introducing yourself, I don’t want any spammers. If you would like to contact me, you can get me on meetyogendrasharma@gmail.com or by the Contact Me page. Thank you for reading this and I would welcome you to give your feedbacks by commenting.

Dear Readers:
I writes free technical tips and tutorial to helps thousands of readers.Bearing the running costs of yogendrasharma.com blog has become really difficult.To help us go forward and grow, a small contribution from your side will highly be appreciated.


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